3 Days in Perth: Things to Do

Are you thinking of travelling around in a campervan hire in Australia? It’s a great idea, mate. After all, there is so much to see in this amazing country, so you’ll want to make sure to take full advantage of your time here.

One destination that isn’t as well-known as Sydney, Melbourne, or Cairns is Perth. While it may not be as recognizable as the iconic cities, it still holds charm and offers a lot to do. If you’re thinking of visiting Perth during your trip to Australia, we have some ideas of things for you to do. Perth isn’t home to some of Australia’s most iconic sites or experiences, but it is anything but boring.

While there is a lot to do, you may not have that much time to visit. If you don’t have more than a week, don’t worry. We know what are some of the best things to do in the city that can be done in just a few days. If you only have three days to enjoy the city, here are top favorite activities to enjoy while in Perth:

  • Visit the beaches. One thing is certain: Australia has some beautiful beaches. From the amazing Cottesloe Beach to the interesting Scarborough Beach with it’s multiple high-rise buildings, there are enough options for the beach-lover visiting Perth who just can’t get enough. The full kilometer of white sand at Cottesloe Beach allows there to be plenty of space for beach-goers, no matter the season.
  • Go to Lesmurdie Falls. If you enjoy a bit of a hike right outside the city, you could always spend some time in Lesmurdie Falls National Park. Lesmurdie Falls are a favorite for anyone visiting the area, From the walk to the falls themselves, it’s a great nearby getaway for those who need a break from city life.
  • Check out the Lancelin Sand Dunes. Have you ever heard of sandboarding? If not, now is your chance to get in on the fun of one of the best ways to pass time while in the great outdoors. Sandboarding on Lancelin Sand Dunes has to be one of the most exciting and fun experiences to be had, both in Australia and anywhere else. Pure white sand to play in but in the form of sand dunes, what could be better?
  • Go to Bells Rapids. Not in Perth but in Brigadoon, the Bells Rapids are a must for anybody who appreciates seeing nature at its finest. You can take a walk around Bells Rapids to get a view of the rushing waters amongst big boulders. If you’re an avid white water rafter, you may even have the chance to do some rafting while in the area.
  • Check out Swan Bells. An iconic site in Perth, you’ll want to take some pictures near the Swan Bells. In fact, there are bells here; 18 of them to be exact. They hang in a uniquely designed campanile that is made from glass and copper. The construction is above 82-metres high. If that’s not a unique site to behold, I don’t know what is.
  • Taste some wines at Swan Valley. If you are all about tasting new wines, no matter where you go, why not visit Swan Valley. Swan Valley is a beautiful area located near Perth that is well-known for its white wines and Shiraz as well.
  • Enjoy the city. Who says that you have to leave Perth to enjoy the beauty that Perth offers. This city is both lovely and happening, so while you appreciate the city design you can also enjoy the fun to be had. Whether you walk along North Beach on Saturday mornings with a bunch of other people enjoying the weather or you check out the baked delicacies at Mary Street Bakery, Perth is a lively place with plenty to enjoy. From the multitude of restaurants and bars to the great shops and cafes, you won’t run out of things to do while staying in the city of Perth.

In Conclusion

For those who aren’t much for doing things the way that they have always been done, Perth may be the place for you. A unique city in Western Australia, it is a great alternative to visiting the same old cities that everyone else does.

A unique vibe and a happy atmosphere make this sunny city a favorite destination for many. Both Aussies and foreigners alike love to enjoy the originality of this city. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a visit to a city surrounded by beaches and beautiful nature, as well as with a plethora of activities to be enjoyed?

Are you ready for a new experience? Pack up your campervan hire and head on over to Perth. It’s not Sydney. It’s not Melbourne. But, it’s just as wonderful as any one of Australia’s most-visited cities.


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